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Exploring Germs, Viruses and Vaccines with Sid The Science Kid

Everyone’s favorite little scientist, Sid, star of SID THE SCIENCE KID, is back to talk about how to stay healthy, leading him to ask questions about what can make a person sick and what are some things he can do to keep from getting sick.  In the new special episode “Getting a shot: You Can Do It!” Sid and his friends, Gabriela, May, and Gerald will learn the basic science behind germs, viruses, and vaccines using age-appropriate vocabulary and scientific concepts that have become a hallmark of this Emmy-nominated series.

PBS KIDS will premiere the series on Monday, October 26 (check local listings) with re-airings over the following weeks.

About the Episode:

It’s vaccination day at Sid’s school, and Sid and his friends are a little apprehensive about getting a shot.  Thankfully, a very special nurse will be giving the kids their vaccination—Sid’s Grandma!  Throughout this special episode, Grandma, their teacher Susie, Mom, and Dad all do their part to make vaccination day a fun-filled learning experience with music, games and tons of laughs.

“SID THE SCIENCE KID explores the science behind the everyday experiences of a preschooler and we know that getting a shot can be scary for many children,” said Lisa Henson, CEO of The Jim Henson Company.   “This special episode is an opportunity for us to help kids understand why they are getting a shot while providing parents and caregivers with helpful resources to handle this important issue.”

“Our characters are great role models for children and help them navigate their way through some of the more challenging experiences they face in life, like getting a shot,” said Lesli Rotenberg, SVP, Children’s Media, PBS.  “It is so important that children build healthy habits early in life ­­and Sid is a perfect guide to help children explore what this means.”

The special episode will be supported by online games, activities, and resources for kids, parents, and educators.  Kids can learn about germs, illnesses and get shots through interactive age-appropriate videos and activities by visiting PBSKIDS.org/sid.  There is also something for parents and caregivers who are looking for resources to help children cope with being ill and overcome any fears they may have about visiting their doctor, visit  PBS Parents (PBSPARENTS.org) for details. Lastly, PBS Teachers (PBSTEACHERS.org) will be hosting a live Webinar for educators about the episode and how teachers can do their part to help children stay healthy while at school.

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