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Mater Brings His Tall Tales Exclusively to the Wii

Off the popular Disney/Pixar animated short, Cars Toon: Mater’s Tall Tales is now available exclusively for the Wii for kids to enjoy.

Mater’s Tall Tales brings together the gang from Radiator Springs to relive those crazy tales in a fun interactive video game for young kids.

As a mother to a toddler who is absolutely obsessed with both Cars the movie and the animated short, I can say that he was hooked. He loved seeing his favorite characters, the visuals are great and the level of interaction was perfect for him.

At the beginning of the game, I will admit that it was a bit confusing to go through all the different menus and screen selections. But once you get down to it, this game is fun, interactive and provided hours of entertainment.

With 30+ games, 4 player game interaction and the chance to customize your own car (by earning coins as the game is played), this video game, in my opinion, will be a big hit for kids who are big fans of these Disney/Pixar movies.

Cars Toon: Mater’s Tall Tales is rated E for everyone.

For more info, visit Disney.com/carsvideogames.

DISCLOSURE: A unit was provided for this review. All views and opinions expressed are my own.

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