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A Parent’s Guide To Getting Some Well Deserved Sleep

Are you tired? Well, you're not alone...

Whether you have a new baby or a toddler, there is no question that as much as we love our children they do run us to the ground, and exhaust us to no end.

So after experiencing our fair share of sleepless nights, my husband and I decided to band together and create some kind of plan that would allow us both to get some shut eye.

Here are some things to consider when finding that family sleep-balance. These things have come in handy on those days when we have felt like we had nothing left to give.

  1. First things first, pack lots of patience. It is very easy to lose your cool when all you’ve had is a total of 6 hours sleep between both you and your partner. Take comfort in knowing that this is a temporary issue and it will pass. If you or your partner feel overwhelmed, just walk away, take a breath and regroup. One thing that
  2. I have personally learned to make sleep a priority – the advice of sleep when the baby sleeps is something that is easier said than done. Resist the urge to do chores or get other things done while the baby sleeps. Take it easy,let housework go undone; hire someone (if you can). Order in instead of killing yourself over a hot stove.
  3. If you have an infant, try sharing evening tasks with your partner (yes, even if you’re nursing). Partners – don’t assume because mom is breastfeeding that she is the only one that has to get up when the baby cries at night. Mom can pump during the day and instruct the partner on the nighttime feeding to-do’s.
  4. Lastly, enlist in family and friends that offer to lend a hand for a few hours while you get some rest, regain energy and sanity. Your body, mind and spirit will thank you.

So listen up folks, keep in mind that how you sleep is how you become (bad sleep creates bad attitude/mojo, etc.and we don't want that)

Take some time to unwind and decompress, take it easy and relax

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