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Educating Children About the Economy

With back to school about set to begin and the holidays just around the corner, many working class families are either losing or having difficulty obtaining employment. Many are also finding it very hard to make ends meet while trying to keep things together for the sake of their family.

As parents we want to protect our children but what do we do when faced with such an issue and how do we speak to our children about it?

With many parents wondering how to broach the subject to their children, PBS has taken their show, A Place of Our Own and created a series regarding the economy and ways in which children would be able to understand this sensitive subject.

Below the Economic Week Airdates are as follows:

Monday, September 7th, Coping with Economic Insecurities (Emotional)

Tuesday, September 8th, Financial Tips to Help Families Cope

Wednesday, September 9th, Trimming Your Family’s Food Budget

Thursday, September 10th, Coping with Economic Insecurities (Care Provider)

Friday, September 11th, Week in Review” and “Activities for Children that cost next to nothing

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Be sure to check out their website, A Place of Our Own at for more information.

In line with the economic issue during the week of transmission of the five special episodes, PBS will also air a special presentation of Sesame Street called, "Families Stand Together: Feeling Secure in Tough Times".

The special will air on September 9 at 8 PM EST and will provide simple and practical strategies that can be easily integrated into the daily lives of families. The program will be a documentary aimed at young adults and will be hosted by Donald Faison.

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