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#SomosFiOS: Why Customer Service Matters

Over the past several years, I have regularly posted reasons why Verizon FiOS works for my family and I.

For me, it begins with their customer service, reliability, products, and prices for any type of consumer. I feel Verizon FiOS understands the digital times we live in.  We consume information digitally, via various devices and need to uninterrupted connectivity to make that happen.  And once you experience what it is like to pay for exactly what you are getting, it is hard to settle for anything less.

So when I went to visit my mother the other day, I was hit with a dose of reality. For starters, my mother has cable. And secondly, she is very regimented in how she does things. She watches (or listens to) the same Spanish-language shows at the same time every day so knowing this I brought over my table to have my toddler with his favorite PBS shows whenever he wanted. The problem was that he couldn't watch his shows because the router kept having to be rebooted and it didn't like that there was another tablet on the network. Trying to find a solution we tried having him watch Netflix instead. That didn't work out either. So I decided to call and find out what the problem was.

So she decided to call and find out what the problem was. After waiting for ten minutes for a Spanish speaking rep to get on the line, she was then told there is nothing they could do. That she needed to not use so many devices at once and things would be fine.

After witnessing this, I wished my seventy-plus-year-old mother had other options available to her. Unfortunately, she doesn't. She has no other way to view NY Yankee games, and shows from her beloved Dominican Republic.

From this I learned that not every brand looks out for their customers they way they should. And do not provide the service customers are paying for. Great customer serivce should not be this difficlut to obtain especially from a loyal and paying customer.

And for this very reason and my own personal experience I continue to stand and say, customer service matters more than any other product or service that can be provided.

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