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6 Reasons Peapod Makes Shopping In NYC SO Much Easier

6 Reasons Peapod Makes Shopping In NYC SO Much Easier

For many, shopping online has been a way to purchase items easily, and without interruption.

For me, however, it has become a way of life. See, I'm not a fan of shopping. I do it because I have to but not because I am thrilled to do it. It may have to do with all the years I spent working in retail that has made me that way, but shopping online has become part of my lifestyle. I like not having to stand in line or having to drive a long distance just to purchase a few items. And I do not miss having to give my boys (one who is in full-fledged terrible two stage) the evil eye when they begin to misbehave in the store.

I feel that always being connected takes away from what is right in front of us. And for me, shopping online allows me to get the mundane things out of the way so I can make time for what truly matters most to me - my sanity and my family.

So when offered the opportunity to grocery shop online through Peapod, who now offers services throughout all of New York City I was willing to give it a try and see how if this would be another online store I can add to my list of treasures.

And the best part of this opportunity for me was already being a Stop&Shop customer and the great service I receive from them at the store level. I was looking forward to having that transfer over to the online world because nothing makes me happier than spending my money for a company that understands and appreciates their customers.

So after making my first purchase, I gathered six features of this online service that I truly liked.

  1. Saving money. I liked being able to look at the store's weekly specials all at once. And the great thing is that it will curate anything that is on sale from your past orders that you may possibly purchase again.
  2. Shop now purchase later. I can scour the site and make my purchases before the week's specials expire and schedule my delivery when the new specials start, getting both sets of savings.
  3. Product comparison. I was easily able to compare products and pricing to find the best price and need.
  4. Label reading. I am a label reader. If I can not pronounce what is on the nutritional label, then I am not purchasing it. Peapod's feature of being able to click o the name of the product as I shopped the 'aisles' to view the ingredients, packaging details and nutritional info added to the convenience of shopping online.
  5. Order update. This feature has been awesome for me. After I placed my order I had forgotten a few items, so I was able to go back and update my order with no issue. I handConvenience. Since I am already a Stop&Shop customer, the process was easy to adapt to as I already know what I like to buy there
  6. Add a tip. As an added feature, I like being able to add a tip to my order without having to have cash online to hand to the delivery person.

Since participating in this program with Peapod, I have continued to grocery shop online. It has become something that I can do without it taking too much time, and I know that I will not overspend and purchase items on impulse.

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