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#SomosFiOS: How Verizon FiOS Quickely Resolves Customer Issues

Throughout the year, I have shared my great experience as a long-time Verizon FiOS customer.

We are a very heavy Internet streaming, content watching family and it has always been very important for us to have the best speeds to keep our business and family life operating as flawlessly and sane as possible.

Over the last 10 years or so since becoming Verizon FiOS customers, our experience has always been positive and one that I have openly shared here. But recently we started having issues with our router which slowly started to interfere with our effectiveness in getting things done on both the professional and personal side of things.

So last week while finding myself in a bit of a pickle, I reached out to Verizon FiOS and spoke (via chat) with a representative to see what how they would be able to resolve this issue. Walking me through every step of the process the rep helped me run some diagnostics on the router to find out what the issues that were preventing us from receiving the highest level of service from our current router. What we found out was that our current router was in fact was not providing us with the best connection to the FiOS network.  It also became very clear that we needed a higher performing router that would allow us to receive the best connection to keep up with with our high speed lifestyle.

So the solution that would best suit our needs was obtaining the FiOS Quantum Gateway. This new router uses dual-band technology which would provide us two separate bandwidth frequencies for much faster sharing, streaming, and far less congestion when multiple devices are being used.

The new router arrived at our doorstep a few days later. After the simple installation, we immediately received:

  • more coverage in and around our home
  • a stronger and more reliable signal strength
  • even faster speeds for streaming, Internet surfing and even gaming

So far we are beyond impressed with 1. how quickly I was able to connect to a rep via chat and the short amount of time it took to pinpoint the problem. 2. how fast the router arrived at our doorstep and 2. the way this router has been working to keep things in our house running smoothly.

So the moral of this story is, great customer service continues to make for happy customers.

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