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Disney Epic Mickey A Definite Must-Have

I will start out by saying that Epic Mickey is not intended for young children.

Here’s the back story to Epic Mickey:

Mickey travels through his mirror into Yen Sid’s study, and accidentally unleashes a mysterious, inky creature called the Shadow Blot.  IN trying to erase his mistake, Mickey spills Paint and Paint Thinner on Yen Sid’s model- which is actually an entire land, filled with forgotten cartoon characters, and attractions and ruled over by Mickey’s half-brother Oswald.  Mickey escapes Yen Sid’s lair, but not before the Shadow Blot flees into the ruined land Mickey has left behind knows as Wasteland.

Years later, the Shadow Blot returns to Mickey’s mirror and pulls Mickey through into the Wasteland that he created.  Now Mickey must embark on an adventure, wielding nothing by a magical paintbrush, to defeat the Shadow Blot and restore Wasteland.  Along the way, Mickey faces decisions that will change the way the resident of Wasteland react to him and ultimately determines the fate of Wasteland itself.

Once I read the back story and stared playing Epic Mickey, I was hooked.  There was something about the darker, more dramatic environment that drew me in (no pun intended).  While playing, I found myself engulfed in Wasteland, its characters and the challenges I faced as I went on this animated adventure to change the world.

Armed with a paintbrush and thinner, the game allows you the ability to shape the story, tackle challenges, explore all the different possibilities and deal with the consequences that come along all while attempting to make Mickey into the ultimate epic hero.

Overall, Epic Mickey is a family friendly game. This game will get kids and parents working together, suggesting strategies and figuring out the different levels of the game.

Epic Mickey is rated E for Everyone

DISCLOSURE: A unit was provided for this review. All views and opinions expressed are my own.


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