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Preschoolers Get to Sesame Street Via New Video Games

I will start off by saying, I absolutely LOVE both these video games!

These games are perfect learning tools for any toddler!

Sesame Street, the television series that many of us have grown up with and love are introducing two educational video games for preschoolers. These games encourage early math and literacy skills while providing children with the comfort of being surrounded by friends.

Sesame Street: Elmo's A-to-Zoo Adventure and Cookie's Counting Carnival are perfect for toddlers getting their feet wet in the math and literacy world.  Both the Nintendo DS and Wii platforms provide unique opportunities for preschoolers to learn at their own pace by introducing fun and natural gameplay, as well as kid-friendly gameplay, controls making it easier more accessible for their small hands and evolving skills.

My son, a huge Elmo and Cookie Monster fan was ecstatic to play the game.  Although he didn't fully grasp the concept of the game (he's 22 months old) he would point to the letters and numbers while I completed the task at hand.  He was thoroughly entertained and I love how it involves the parents during and after gameplay.

With a learning curriculum specially designed to be entertaining and intuitive, I believe both platforms provide opportunities for preschoolers to learn at their own pace and were designed to minimize frustration that often come too easy when things don't go their way.

Product Features include:

  • Parents’ Area: Parents are able to review the games the child has played
  • Broad Range of Games: The game features an array of distince learning games based on activities including counting, number, pattern, shape and color identification
  • Easy to Play: The DS gae includes a jumbo click stylus created for smaller hands, making it easier for kids to use the touch screen. While the Wii uses a soft and fuzzy character cover with special grips that slips over the Wii Remote, making it easier to hold
  • Player Adaptability: The game adapts to the child’s level
  • Active Gameplay: With the Wii, game movements are jumping, tilting, shake, sweep, and toss.  All performed with a "handlebar" grip.
  • Broad Rang of Games: Both games offer learning games based on different activities, including counting, letter sounds and word families

Both games are rated "EC" for Early Childhood.

DISCLOSURE: A unit was provided for this review. All views and opinions expressed are my own.

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