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Best Gifts For Kids For Under $100  

Best Gifts For Kids For Under $100  

Are you ready to kick off the holidays!

If you've got little ones on your holiday list like I do and aren't quite sure what to get them, no worries. I’ve got you covered.

Below I have four gifts for kids as young as 18 months old that are both educational, fun and creative.

BOP IT Game (Ages 8 years & up/ Players: 1+/Approx: $19.99)

Although the game states this game is for children ages 8+, my 3-year-old takes on the challenges head on and loves!

The BOP IT game prompts kids to Hammer It, Sing It, Selfie It and more with 10 new voice commands. React fast to each command and perform the action as you seek to beat the Bop It.  Challenge friends to see who can level up as the commands get faster or play solo to master all the new moves. The BOP IT game is an electronic unit that includes 3 games. All 3 games can be played in solo or social mode. The 3 modes of play are: “Classic” which highlights the traditional Bop It, Pull It and Twist It game play; “Action” that features the 10 new unique ways to game via the motion sensor technology; and “Beat Box” a sound based gaming mode for expert gamers. 

SIMON AIR Game (Ages 8 years & up/ Players: 1+/Approx: $19.99)

This game has helped my 8-year-old tremendously with his working memory and listening comprehension!

The new SIMON AIR Game has taken a modern twist to the all-time favorite classic with a touch-free technology. Kids can play solo against the new SIMON AIR Game or team up with a friend and work together to remember the sequence, repeat the pattern and conquer the SIMON AIR Game. The Simon game senses every hand motion and registers correct sequences. Stay on top of the game and conquer the speed-increasing levels with double moves, swoop moves, and even moves that light up all four lights! If the pattern is repeated incorrectly, a buzzer will sound and signal the end of the game. The player with the highest score is the winner!

Three “AA” batteries are required, and demo batteries are included.

LOVE2LEARN ELMO Plush Toy and App (Ages 18 months & up/ Approx.: $59.99)

The LOVE2LEARN ELMO toy delivers in true Sesame Street fashion and my toddler couldn’t be happier!

With his silly laughs and his creative play, Elmo models a true love for learning! Kids and parents alike will fall in love with the LOVE2LEARN ELMO toy. This cuddly plush toy and its accompanying LOVE2LEARN ELMO App deliver a customized play experience for children. Once parents download the free easy-to-use LOVE2LEARN ELMO App, they can program the Elmo toy to know their child’s name, favorite colors, favorite animals, and favorite foods. Additionally, parents can use the app to customize the learning opportunity for their child, choosing from three different content stages and five different subjects, based on their child’s abilities and interests. Subjects include letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and animals. Mom and dad can also use “Parent Helpers” in the app, selecting songs and phrases that the Elmo toy can say in real time.  Elmo can offer support and encouragement in important daily routines for children, including brushing teeth, going to the potty, and more!

In addition, the LOVE2LEARN ELMO toy offers little ones a fun, interactive play experience with more than 350 responses. With sensors in the nose, hands, and belly, the Elmo toy responds to a child’s touch. Clap his hands together to hear all about letters, numbers and more! For even more fun, tickle Elmo to hear him giggle or touch his hand to his belly to play bongo music and other instruments! The LOVE2LEARN ELMO App also has a child mode that features games and fun for children and their Elmo toy to enjoy; the LOVE2LEARN ELMO toy’s Bluetooth® capabilities allow it to respond to scenes in the app games, providing a cohesive, interactive play experience.

FURREAL FRIENDS TORCH MY BLAZIN’ DRAGON Pet (Ages 4 years & up/Approx.: $79.99)

Fun and adventure are what this adorable dragon brings.  Introducing an exciting, pet from FURREAL FRIENDS brand! The FURREAL FRIENDS TORCH MY BLAZIN’ DRAGON pet is an amazing creature with a spunky personality and engaging features that take pet play to the next level! Share fiery adventures with this adorable plush baby dragon as you watch him breathe flame-colored mist. Plus, you can touch his charm to get him to breathe flame-colored mist! Bring the color-changing marshmallow treat close to the mist and watch it “toast” then feed it to TORCH and listen as he makes happy munching sounds! TORCH features 50-plus sound and motion combinations. The sensors around his nose allow TORCH to respond to your child’s touch in fun ways. After playing, pull him up close to cuddle thanks to his poseable arms.

Requires 4“C” batteries, which aren’t included.

Disclaimer: All product opinion are 100% my own

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