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5 Must-Have Tech Gifts From Zagg For Under $100

5 Must-Have Tech Gifts From Zagg For Under $100

With the holiday season upon us, let’s talk affordable tech accessories for loved ones that will keep all their devices fully charged and scratch-free.

ZAGG, a company that develops products that enhance our mobile devices, is one that I have been a fan of for many years. Ever since my oldest thought it would be a great idea to thrash my cell phone and cracked its screen. In need of a toddler-proof screen protector I came upon InvisibleShield Glass+ and have looked back since.  

Below are a few of my favorite ZAGG products that would make great stocking stuffers or presents for anyone on your list.

InvisibleShield Glass+ - $39.99

This was my first ZAGG purchase and hasn't been my last. This screen protector has kept my mobile device intact for years.

InvisibleShield Sapphire Defense - $49.99

Say goodbye to the unexpected drops.  The Sapphire Defense screen protector, and it’s advanced aerospace-grade technology also provides unbeatable protection.

ZAGG Power Amp 3 -$29.99

Don’t let your phone battery die again (in my case at the hands of a toddler). The new ZAGG Power Amp 3 delivers enough juice to power most phones. Its Quick Chip™ Technology detects what kind of device you have and adapts to provide the fastest charge possible. 

The Power Amp is lightweight, fits in a pocket with a universal USB port, and a built-in flashlight.

ZAGG Power Amp 18 - $99.99

The new ZAGG Power Amp 18 is ideal for every adventure. Made of durable aluminum and covered in silicone, and like it’s smaller counterpart, the ZAGG Power Amp 3, it’s Quick Chip™ Technology instantly recognizes hundreds of devices and automatically delivers the fastest charge to each of them.

IFROGZ Bluetooth wireless earbuds

I love my wireless earbuds! Aside from the great listening experience, they are lightweight, aren't bulky and the wireless controller magnetically clips to your shirt keeping the controls within reach. Oh, and the magnetic storage clip is perfect for cable management when the earbuds are not in use. 

  • Plugz Wireless ($29.99) – the wired Plugz earbud line has been one of the top selling headphones in the U.S. for the past several years. Plugz Wireless earbuds are the same product you’ve grown to love but in a Bluetooth format. This everyday solution features 9mm drivers that deliver stunning sound for music and calls at any volume.
  • Charisma Wireless ($29.99) – With women representing half of all Bluetooth device sales, the female-inspired Charisma earbuds are designed by women, for women, and feature an ergonomic, stylish design with 6mm drivers for a more custom female fit.
  • Summit Wireless ($34.99) – Summit Wireless earbuds have been designed for those with an active lifestyle, and are positioned in the sports audio category which has grown by 150 percent since 20144. These earbuds with 8mm drivers feature a soft, secure-fit wing that nestles in the curve of your ears to keep them securely in place no matter how rigorous the activity.
  • Impulse Wireless ($39.99) – featuring Reflective Acoustics™, an advanced audio technology that formulates sound based on the fundamentals of human hearing, the Impulse Wireless earbuds include premium 11mm drivers that reflect sound off an internal chamber to deliver sound with accurate tonal balance, even dispersion, natural clarity, and a rich, dynamic range, resulting in an outstanding listening experience.

ZAGG also carries iPad keyboards, and smartphone cases,  for more on those products, visit ZAGG.

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