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#StreamTeam: Netflix Gets Nostalgic With An 80’s Classic

#StreamTeam: Netflix Gets Nostalgic With An 80’s Classic

Disclosure: I am part of the #StreamTeam for Netflix, all thoughts my own

I am a Gen-Xer, and when I learned Fuller House was debuting on Netflix, it brought back many, many memories of my childhood. I remember Stephanie’s, how rude?! and little Michelle Tanner’s, you’re in big trouble, mister and laughed like it was the first time I heard them say it.

And since the announcement of the show, I have been looking forward to seeing where the storyline picks up after the series ended in 1995.

Like many Gen-X’ers who grew up in the mid-80’s, it was all about not missing T.G.I.F’s lineup. And unlike nowadays, back then, there was not rewinding or DVRing. You either sat through the episodes and commercials or risk missing the punchline to a joke.

What I find great about Netflix reviving some of these mid-80’s family-friendly programming is that now we can have our kids watch with us and share in the experience of the past and the present.

I watched all 13 episodes over the weekend and took it all in. I laughed and cried, and remembered the characters as they were 30 years ago. I still love the playful banter mixed in with those life lessons that would make me think then and still think now.

Who else watched season 1 of Fuller House and relived every memory from that decade?

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