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#StreamTeam: 12 Reasons Netflix Rocked It This Year

#StreamTeam: 12 Reasons Netflix Rocked It This Year

Disclosure: I am part of the #StreamTeam for Netflix, all thoughts my own

I am excited a New Year is fast approaching, and can’t help but reminisce on all the amazing great content my family and I have viewed on Netflix this year.

And no end of the year post is complete with a list of why I believe Netflix simply rocked it this year, and how I can’t wait to ‘see’ what they have up their sleeves in 2016.

So with that, here I present, my twelve reasons why I believe Netflix rocked it in 2015.

12. Reestablishing family movie night as a non-negotiable in my home.

11. The kiddos getting a chance to love The Croods, Hiccup and Toothless all over again.

10. Being able to share my childhood with my kids with throwbacks like Inspector GadgetCare Bears, and The Magic School Bus

9. Taking my oldest to Broadway from the comfort of our living room, watching Shrek the Musical and the Radio City Christmas Spectacular.

8. Getting into tune with my nerdy comic-book loving self with Jessica Jones and Daredevil

7. Reliving my childhood watching Spanish-language telenovelas

6. Binge watching on Narcos, and just about every documentary imaginable.

5. Binge-watching 80’s cult-classics

4. Repeatedly watching my all-time favorite White Christmas

3. Anything Legos, because I have two boys who simply love it!

2. Enjoying those special date nights watching House of Cards, Ripper Street, till the wee hours, and paying for it in the morning.

And the number one reason why Netflix rocked it is simple, that it can be watched anywhere.

I am looking forward to more great amazing content.

Happy New Year to everyone – hoping 2016 provides more sanity, kindness, positivity, love, and more amazing content!

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