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#SomosFiOS: 4 Things to Know About FiOS Custom TV

I remember growing up having limited TV choice options. But thanks, in part to modern technology, there is now an extraordinary number of options on the table to choose from. And one of those options is FiOS Custom TV.

Earlier this year, Verizon launched FiOS Custom TV. A plan that essentially provides customers the ability to build their own TV plan.

This offering is a positive trend to the alternative traditional pay TV services we are used to. By providing customers with this type of customization, it gives customers the flexibility to choose what they want to pay for - and not the one's you don't.

So if you are considering or simply want to know more, here are a few things to know.

  1. FiOS Custom TV start off with a set of popular channels, and all the local broadcast networks such as Fox, CNN, NBC, etc.
  2. You can them customize your viewing experience by adding channel packs (2).
  3. Any additional channel packages cost $10 a month for each.
  4. You can obtain FiOS Custom TV, Internet and phone with a 2-year price guarantee and no annual contract.

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