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5 Reasons Why Having Verizon FiOS Makes My Life Easier

It has been three months since becoming a #SomosFiOS Influencer and being upgraded to the Verizon FiOS’s Ultimate HD package.

Over this time, I have had the opportunity to use Verizon's high-speed consistent Internet service to stay on top of the latest tech news/trends as well keep the latest tools and applications updated on the devices that I used to help educate my son.

As a busy work-at-home mom to an extremely active three-year-old and wife of a techie geek, I have to always be on my toes and always stay connected as this is how we communicate as a family.  Being able to depend on Verizon FiOS' reliable, consistent service helps me go through my day with less stress and more time to spend it where it needs to be, with my family.

With that said, I have listed five reasons why I will continue to be loyal to Verizon FiOS:

  1. The best customer service/support team bar none (as someone who has spent their entire career in the customer service industry I know what it means to value your customers).
  2. Being able to enjoy uninterpreted, fast, dependable Internet service on all of my devices
  3. Having the opportunity to use the power of the Internet to educate my son
  4. Am able to watch great educational programming in both English and Spanish for my son, which goes in-tune with raising a bilingual child
  5. My smartphone is always connected even though I often have no cell service.

As my time as a #SomosFiOS Influencer comes to an end, I will say that my family and will continue to benefit from the amazing service Verizon FiOS has provided us for over five years and throughout these last few months with the upgraded service.

Disclaimer: I have been a FiOS customer for over 5 years and am currently a #SomosFiOS Influencer. All opinions regarding product and services are all my own.

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