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#SteamTeam: Celebrating Milestones

With two kids under the age of six, milestones are big in our house. From the first steps to first walks to eating on their own, I cherish all these moments and aim to create lifelong memories for my kids through these events

From heading out early in the morning to watch the sunrise over New York City in the fall to seeing them have fun together and enjoying Halloween, creating memories as a family, enjoying their innocence and learning about who they truly are makes this time of the year so much more special. The moments we spend as a family allows us to share our experiences growing up with them so they can get to know us beyond being mom and dad.

Since I love Halloween, my oldest and I spent days and weeks, watching fun Halloween shows on Netflix like Curious George: A Halloween Boo Fest and Jumanji. It became our thing to enjoy. This provided us an opportunity to enjoy each other's company and learn about

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#StreamTeam: Simple Ways to Teach Kids the Importance of Friendship

#StreamTeam: Simple Ways to Teach Kids the Importance of Friendship