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#StreamTeam: Simple Ways to Teach Kids the Importance of Friendship

#StreamTeam: Simple Ways to Teach Kids the Importance of Friendship

I love always loved the holidays. Starting with Halloween all through Christmas, I have always loved every aspect and significance of it all. But since having kids, it has made me appreciate it all that much more.

I love being able to create memories and traditions for my kids that will last well beyond their childhoods. Seeing the world through their eyes and experiencing what brings them joy fills my heart with love and satisfaction.

I love seeing their innocent faces taking in everything around them.  Having my oldest ask questions about what it all means and telling both him and his brother, (although it is difficult) that toys and other material things will never replace everything friendship and love makes us feel.

Living in these high tech times, it is easy for us all to lose focus (and time) on what  really matters. So this holiday we decided to live in the moment and make the most our of our time together. Even if it meant binge watching movies and having conversations around the value of family, love and friendship. At our home we are firm believers of always using what is at our disposal to simplify matters if need be.

So with the help of our very good friend Netflix, who has always helped us out when we are looking to have those teachable moments, my husband and I decided to use the weekend of giving thanks to do just that. We watched movies like Chicken Run, the Fox and the Hound, and their latest addition, Veggie Tales in the House as some examples of  getting along, liking someone who is not like you and respecting someone's differences.

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