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SomosFiOS: 2 Ways to Beat Cabin Fever

SomosFiOS: 2 Ways to Beat Cabin Fever

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Verizon FiOS, all opinions are my own. 

Anyone who lives in the Northeast knows how brutal this winter has been.

Dealing with tundra-like conditions for the last few months has had us hunkering down and finding ways to entertain ourselves without getting frost-bitten in the process.

And being stuck indoors on those bitterly cold days and nights has forced us to get creative when entertaining our kids at home. Board games do but so much for staving off cabin fever. And having two kids under seven has had us relying heavily on our Internet service and TV to give us more of what we want.

  1. Family Life. Our family uses FiOS Quantum Internet for both work and play. Being able to work from home, I get the work at maximum capacity.  And being able to have our tablets, laptops, and other web-enabled devices connected lets everyone get online at the same time without slowing down or keeping anyone waiting.  From sharing photos and files to watching YouTube videos to help with projects.  Keeping the peace in a household with two young children with very different tastes has been made much easier as a result of having a product that works.
  2. Entertainment. With some of the latest family films available to rent or buy, shows and channels available on almost every screen, we own each get to cuddle up and watch what we want. I personally love watching my favorite sports teams. My husband enjoys watching what's on the premium channels. And the kids watch their favorites on FiOS on Demand letting them catch up on their favorite shows or watch the latest movies releases.

Having the ultimate flexibility to watch what we want makes life and everything else much easier to manage.

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