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#Somos FiOS: My FiOS App Adds More Features

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Verizon FiOS, all opinions are my own.

It has been well over five years since my husband and I decided to make a change and became Verizon FiOS customers.  We made the change mainly because we wanted to be provided with quality service and respect.  And from the moment we became customers, we got it!

Over the years, they have undergone substantial changes both on the front and back end of their business making it about showing customers why they are the best at what they do instead of just talking about it.  Listening to and knowing a customer's wants and needs is the only way any company can stay on top and create a substantial loyal following and is what in my opinion Verizon FiOS has provided us over the years.

Creating services that benefit us, the customer and simplify our lives is what keeps everyone happy. For me, their lightning speed Internet, astonishing HD, Redbox Instant by Verizon and now their newly updated My FiOS app is what continues to keep me a happy customer.

When I first downloaded the app, I will admit I barely used it.  I did not find much of a need for it and felt that I was not getting anything out of the ordinary from it.  As I spend the better part of my day online working, I took care of everything I needed right from my computer and didn't need to get on my smartphone unless I was out and about.  But now that the app has recently been updated and has become this all-inclusive place to manage everything Verizon FiOS.   The improved app now allows me to take my entire Verizon FiOS experience where ever I go without missing a beat.

Look at all the things I can do and access with the My FiOS App:

  • Browse FiOS TV listings
  • Schedule DVR recordings
  • Check out the Flex VOD library
  • Be informed of any service outages
  • Watch movies and TV shows where ever I am
  • Set parental controls
  • Access voicemail from my home phone
  • Gain access to my photos, videos and music from my Flex View library
  • Speak my question and get the information I need from Verizon support using the Voice Assistant feature
  • Pay my bill
  • View recent payments and much more...

The optional push notifications is one of my favorite features of this app.  It informs me when my bill is due, I am able to program my DVR, and most importantly it informs me of any service interruptions.

 The video below shows just how customers are able to access all their Verizon services from this one app.


The My FiOS app is available for free at the Apple store here and on Android devices here.

Disclaimer: I have been a Verizon FiOS customer for over 5 years and am currently a #SomosFiOS Influencer.  Although I have been compensated to share my experience, opinions expressed regarding product and service are all my own. 

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