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#SomosFiOS: What I Don't Like About Verizon FiOS

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Verizon FiOS, all opinions are my own.

Over the years as a Verizon FiOS  (going on close to 8 years), I have shared my views about my experience as a customer.

From why it makes my life easyto why it works, and why being connected is so important to me.

I have discussed why I believe their customer service is amazing and their Internet service is superb.

I have had no complaints about the company as they do what they say.  They keep up with the ever-changing technology and consistently provide customers with different ways via their various packages to pay for what we want.

But I will say, in my opinion, there are a few things lacking that prevent me from giving Verizon FiOS an A++.

  •  I do not like their set top box.  I think it is very ordinary for such a hi-tech brand.  I have had my box since I became a customer and the constant buzzing drives me a bit batty sometimes.
  • The DVR menu, I believe needs work. Navigating through the selections is not user-friendly in the least bit. The UI or user interface is not intuitive especially when it comes to looking for movies and TV shows via search.  I find it to be clunky and slow.

Don't get me wrong, I am aware there is no such thing as perfect service.  But I believe, in this day where the fight for consumers is so critical, I think companies need to provides their consumers with an eco-system of user-friendly, highly intuitive products.

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