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4 Reasons Families Will Love Verizon FiOS

I have been with Verizon FiOS for 5 years. And I was reminiscing about my time with FiOS. Why -- because as with any shiny new thing there is this honeymoon period. And once that period of bliss dissolves. Reality sets in.

And the "real" service begins.

So after some introspection. I can say the Verizon FiOS honeymoon is over. But the marriage has been a good one.

Here are my 4 reasons why

1. Loss Of Service -- Rare. I can honestly say that I have never lost connectivity. Yes, there were connectivity issues when I recently upgraded my package but Verizon was quick to apologize and fix this issue.

Pet peeve -- But what I find as annoying as nails on a chalkboard is when the set top box randomly reboots due to an “Update.” There should be a graceful way of notifying the customer. Perhaps a simple message like "the set-top box will reboot in 5 minutes."

2. FiOS Mobile Remote -- Good. I was very happy when Verizon FiOS released this remote app. I quickly downloaded it to my iPhone (not sure if there is an Android version). From the app you have access to TV Listings, DVR, Remote, Flickr Photo TV Search TV, Feedback and Help.

I mainly use the TV Listings. And for me, I find it better than using the remote. Why -- because we are always losing the remote and the iPhone is never far.

Pet Peeve -- But I do have issues with the DVR option from TV Listings. It never works for me. But it’s not a big deal -- by that time I would have already found the remote control.

3. Flex View -- Like it a bunch. My family rarely watches Live TV. Our viewing habits are either from the DVR, Flex View, Netflix or Amazon Prime. And from time to time Apple TV.

Flex view is awesome in a number of ways. Watch On Demand movies

  • on your television
  • on your computer
  • or your mobile device

4. Video On Demand -- Awesome. VOD is by far the most used option. Why? Well for many reasons -- a huge selection of movies, a great selection of documentaries, a large section of free movies. And if you don’t care much for the DVR service On Demand has the last four episodes of many television series.

Pet Peeve -- But I do have issues with the slow response time of the On Demand Menu. It’s frustrating at times to sit and wait for the next menu to load.

So what is the bottom line on Verizon FiOS

Yes, the honeymoon is over. But Verizon FiOS is still a great entertainment partner. And if you are now asking me if you should give it a try I say -- Yes. Give Verizon FiOS a try.


Disclaimer: I have been a Verizon FiOS customer for over 5 years and am currently a #SomosFiOS Influencer. Although I have been compensated to share my experience with Verizon FiOS, all opinions regarding product and services are all my own.

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