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New Year New Perspective

New Year New Perspective

Now that a New Year has begun, I have decided to create a resolutions/goals list is in order for me to get myself back on track and seeing the bigger picture.

Over the past few months, I have felt like I have lost my vision and perspective of what is truly important.  I have been feeling run down, sick and in a complete fog, just going through the motion without any real direction.

All that ends today!

I have decided to reinvent myself and dedicate myself to my heath and personal growth because without either, I've got nothing.

So here are just some of my goals for 2012:

1. Become healthier both mentally and physically. I will say good-bye to the excessive junk food and caffeinated drinks that I live on.

2. Reboot my body and begin to integrate fruits and vegetables into every meal

3. Be happier and much more optimistic

4. Take greater risks

5. Be more confident and consistent in my writing

6. Set up a concrete budget and stick to it

7. Create more homemade meals

8. Pay off debt

9. Disconnect more. Enjoy life with my family

10. Get educated. Take online classes

11. Get back into reading

12. Connect with my inner crafty self

13. Create a bucket list

14. Create 34 things to do before turning 35

15. Walk more. Find a way to find relief to my leg and heel pain

Why am I sharing my goals?

I believe that in order for me to make the necessary changes in myself and overall health, well-being and future, I must hold myself accountable and commit to these goals.  I think goals are easier to ignore if

I am excited to be updating everyone with both my progress and setbacks (as everything in life is a learning and growing experience).

Año nuevo perspectiva nueva

Año nuevo perspectiva nueva

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