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Resolution #13 - Bucket List

Resolution #13 - Bucket List

Creating a list of things to accomplish in my life with my family has been something that I have always wanted to put together but never made the time for.  I never made the time out to create the list because I don't think I wanted to face the lack of accomplishments in my life.  Once I got over that and realized that I have accomplished a lot of what I set out to do I decided to take a stab this list and continue to set goals for myself.

So here is some of what is on my bucket list:

1. Visit every single MLB baseball stadium in the U.S and Canada.

2. Take the pilgrimage to el Camino de Santiago/Way of St. James in Spain

3. Learn to swim

4. Be debt free

5. Teach my son to ride a bike

6. Take family vacation to Disneyland

7. Visit Caceres Spain

8. Visit the Almafi Coast in Italy

9.Visit Bonaire

10. Take my son to New Year’s Even ball drop

11. Visit Rio de Janeiro

12. Make a difference in someone's life

13. Learn to speak Italian fluently

14. Ride a hot air balloon

15. Become a lifelong volunteer

16. Travel to all 50 states

17. Send a message in a bottle

Resolución #2: Haciendo un cambio

Resolución #2: Haciendo un cambio

Resolución #13 - Ahora o nunca

Resolución #13 - Ahora o nunca