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Track Your Health With FitBit

Fitbit is a small, stylish, wearable health and wellness monitoring device that is able to accurately track burned calories, steps taken, distance traveled and even sleep quality.

Containing a 3D sensor like the one found in the Wii, the Fitbit is able to track motion in three dimensions converting this into information about your day-to-day activities.

Fitbit can be worn all day, in your pocket, clipped to your jeans or on your wrist to go to bed.

Aside from all the great features that I’ve mentioned, Fitbit is so intuitive that if you walk within 15 ft. of the wireless base station, data from your device will automatically (and silently) be uploaded to the Fitbit website.

The activity data collected by the Fitbit device is wirelessly and effortlessly uploaded to your profile page where you can see the information and effectively track progress toward personal goals.

On your personal profile page, you can also log nutrition, weight and other health information in order to gain a complete picture of your health.

Fitbit can be purchased online for $99 USD, visit www.fitbit.com/order.

Personal data collected by the device is free for users to access.

For those wanting to set up a more advanced training or obtain more numbers, Fitbit offers Premium Services. For only $49.99 a year users can have access to the following:

Fitbit Trainer: Fitbit Trainer reviews your current activity level and creates a personalized 112-weekfitness plan that pushes you to gradually increase your movement.

In-Depth Analysis: Personalized reports provide easy-to-read analysis of your historical trends and detailed analysis of your sleep, food and activity.

New Rankings: Premium benchmarking is an interactive tool that lets you explore the Fitbit database to see how you stand up against your peers. Increase your motivation and set new wellness goals by comparing your weight, activity and sleep with others.

Custom Tracker: You want to quit smoking, be able to do 20 pushups, or reduce caffeine levels? Custom trackers let you track anything that your heart desires - and tracking is the first step to changing your lifestyle

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