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8 Activities to Combat Cabin Fever

8 Activities to Combat Cabin Fever

Although it's February, it is still winter, it is still cold, and there are still cranky kids and parents anxiously waiting for temperatures to hit 50+ degrees, so we can shed some layers and get out to enjoy the warm outdoors.   

During these frigid months, it feels like we have tried everything to keep the kids busy and the adults sane. But here are just some ways we have been attempting to beat cabin fever with our little ones.     

Clean our their toy bins. Since its too cold to go out on some days, why not have them tend to their toys. Broken toys get tossed, others are donated.     

Family movie nights. We have made this a part of our family tradition. Every week, the kids choose a movie and enjoy it as a family with our favorite snacks.       

Set up a tent. Frigid temps often call for lots of creativity, so why not let imaginations run wild under a tent telling stories, hiding or just napping.    

Scavenger hunt. By far my favorite. The night before, and once the kids are in bed, we set up our quest. Leave numbered clues throughout the house and let the kids figure out where the secret prize is.     

Go to the library or bookstore. Books, books, and more books. We love books in our home! And any opportunity we get to borrow or buy them we are all for it!    

Have a picnic. Bring out the picnic blanket, set up your living room floor with your favorite sandwiches and snacks and enjoy each other's presence.      

Work on a jigsaw puzzle. I am a jigsaw puzzle nerd and have gotten my kids into this hobby as well. I find it to be a lovely quiet time to chat and get to ask each other questions and listen to one another.  

Spend the day in pj's and spend the day reading in between meals. Because why not!       

These are just some activities we do as a family to keep us all sane when it's just too cold out to do anything other than being at home or in a warm building. But what we do as a family we never lose sight of enjoying these slow days before the season changes and things get hectic again.  

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