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#FiOSNY: Take Advantage of Non-stop Entertainment Options

#FiOSNY: Take Advantage of Non-stop Entertainment Options

I, like most, grew up having to be in front of the television to watch a specific show or movie. DVR’s and On Demand were nonexistent and the struggle to not miss out was real.

Thankfully with the advancement of technology, gone are the days of marking up your latest copy of the TV Guide with reminders of when favorite shows would be on. Instead, it has all been replaced with high-speed Internet, letting us be entertained instantly from home.

In comes FiOS on demand. With the 100% fiber-optic connection delivered by the Verizon FiOS network, where getting a clear digital, uninterrupted connection on every device you watch is guaranteed.

This feature has been the for my family since my three-year-old has become extremely vocal about what he doesn’t want or like. So being able to check out a large variety of current and classic movies on demand accessible on any compatible device with a subscription to FiOS TV has taken the stress out of overspending at a movie theater and dealing with two indecisive children with different tastes and erratic emotions.

So whether you choose to rent or buy, the Verizon FiOS On Demand flex features puts you in control to help manage and watch TV on multiple devices, even turning your smartphone into a remote control to record browse, and even bookmark listings.

Because honestly, nothing beats watching what everyone likes without a fight.

This post is written on behalf of Verizon Fios but as always all opinions expressed are my own.

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