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Finding the Right Internet Speed for your home is easy

Finding the Right Internet Speed for your home is easy

When shopping for the right Internet speed in an era of lightning-fast information flow, it is essential to have speed and reliability. Without these two components, you end up with a system that isn’t working for you.

With Verizon FiOS Internet, families and individuals running small businesses from home can simply do things faster.

Having a secure bandwidth to share files, upload large presentations, download HD movies, stream music, upload photos, and back up data quickly can give you the peace of mind you needed to run a successful business and keep family members happy.

Having an advanced network connection to deliver the capacity and speeds you need for work and entertainment is key. Verizon FiOS offers something for everyone.

50/50 Mbps

Get where you want to go with these speeds. A popular option for households with up to 3 Wi-Fi enabled devices, stream, shop and watch with no hassle.

150/150 Mbps

Gear up multiple devices like smartphones, laptops, gaming systems and tablets. Download HD movies I minutes and backup your data to the cloud in minutes. These speeds allow for work and life to remain uninterrupted.

300/300 Mbps

These speeds are perfect for large families and/or heavy Internet users. There will be no need to fight over bandwidth, speed and consistency will remain the same whether everyone is connected at the same time or not.

500/500 Mbps

Online gamers, movies buffs or those who work from home and need to power multiple devices for large content, this speed is for you.

If after reviewing these options, you are still looking for the right FiOS Internet speed that will best support your needs, then FiOS Gigabit Connection may be for you.

Verizon FiOS introduced their fastest plan to date with super-fast speeds, up to 940/880 Mbps, backed their 100% fiber-optic network, allowing you to share, stream and play online games faster than ever.

Verizon FiOS continues to provide the power to seamlessly connect to the world, and up to us to decide at which speeds we choose to go.

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