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#DriveSTI: My Experience with the 2015 Mazda 3

So I had the opportunity to get a feel for the 2015 Mazda 3 for a week. As a family of four who owns a sedan, whatever car we drive has to always has to provide us with three essentials. Fuel efficiency, room, and some technology because, I feel living in a digital age – tech should be standard in all vehicles.

Off the bat, this vehicle was roomier and quieter than our sedan had just the right bells and whistles for this tech-friendly family. My six and two-year-old fit more than comfortably in the back. The vehicle also provided more than enough truck space to be able to go food shopping and not have to leave the stroller at home (this is the best way I gauge trunk space). And up front there was more than enough room that my husband and I didn’t bump elbows on the once on the armrest.

Driving this beauty was remarkably smooth. Mother nature has hit New York City hard this winter. And to say it has been a brutal winter is an understatement. Being surrounded by snow, ice and black top roads, cars, including our own, have had a difficult time navigating through the streets and highways in such conditions. What I found rather amazing was that this vehicle held its own. Despite the conditions, it provided a smooth, quiet and comfortable ride.

As for amenities, the Mazda 3 is equipped with its very own infotainment system and
• Dual-zone automatic climate control
• Rearview camera
• Remote keyless entry (which was perfect when the temps hit below freezing)
• Push button start (no fidgeting with keys when your hands are frozen solid was ideal)
• Power adjustable driver’s seat
• Bose surround sound system
• Bluetooth capacity for audio and phone capabilities
• Mazda’s head’s up or active driving display (one of my favorite features. It displays speed, and navigation info on a clear screen that pops up above the dashboard.

Overall, for my family, the Mazda 3 is packed with power, provided us with comfort and the space we needed to keep up with our hectic lifestyle.

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