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My Week With The 2014 Kia Soul

My Week With The 2014 Kia Soul

Edmunds.com explains, “The 2014 Kia Soul Wagon is being publicized as an intriguing alternative to compact sedans/hatchbacks and compact SUVs.” For me, the Kia Soul was more than just an SUV. It was a car that safely got my family and me home.

My First Impression of the 2014 Kia Soul Wagon

So I could not have gotten the Kia at the worst possible moment. The SUV was delivered on February 3rd snowstorm. Without thinking much about the Kia I threw car seats, a stroller, a diaper bag and an infant into the Soul.

I knew I was going to have a tough time driving in this weather. You could not see very well, cars were getting stuck, I was running late to pickup my other son from kindergarten and here I am in an unfamiliar car. So needless to say I was stressing out… a lot!

But what I slowly began to realize was that the Soul was taking to this weather rather well. There were a number of scary moments. You know when the wheels on the car just go round and round! But this little thing was like a juggernaut. The Soul just powered through much of those scary moments.

My Week with the Little Juggernaut that Could

The weather did not get much better in New York City. That week the northeast was hit with two snowstorms. I don’t normally like driving in the snow but the Kia Soul made me fell safer than most other cars I have been in.

Since, I felt safe in the Soul I was able to run my errands, go to doctor appointments, drop off my little scholar and pick him up from school, and I even picked up my husband from work when the weather got very bad.

The Kia does have a wonderful collection of features. My favorite is always pairing my phone to Bluetooth. In this case, I really enjoyed the navigation. It would notify you of traffic conditions and then suggest alternative routes (if possible).

What I did not like was the very small trunk. Um, yeah… it’s small; between a stroller, book bag, a diaper bag and a shovel it was tight. Going food shopping was an exercise in transportation logistics.

My Final Thoughts

I wish I had the opportunity to drive the Kia Soul in better weather. It would have given me the opportunity to completely drink in the experience. What I can say is that the Soul made me feel safe in terrible weather. Sometimes, that all you really want in a car is to feel safe.

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