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6 Reasons The Pantech Vybe Is Your Best Mobile Choice For Your Tween

Are you getting ready to start yet another school year, this time with a tween or teen?

Are you racking your brain looking to purchase their first phone, but refuse to spend gobs of money on it?

Do you want to make sure the device you provides your child will allow you the flexibility to control just how much tech they consume?

Are you looking to find a device that provide key features like easy texting and access to social media without a high data plan?

Well if you can easily say yes to all of the above, then let me share with you some things I've found out about Pantech’s Vybe mobile phone that will make you want to try them out.

First a bit about Pantech Mobile.  Pantech Mobile is one of the top mobile phone manufacturers who focus on advanced technology to delivering products to their customers based on their needs (affordability) and wants (style).

After receiving the device and spending some time with it, I will say that it is a great phone for kids who are getting their feet wet in the mobile world.

And here’s why:

  1. It’s low-cost. the Pantech Vybe is very affordable, $29.99 with a two-year contract is a pretty awesome deal.
  2. The phone is aimed for first-time phone user. This is great as it allows parents to gauge usage and responsibility.
  3. The Vybe’s user interface is simple and minimalistic. Their proprietary dual-user mode is great! The dual-user mode provides two ways to interact. There is Easy Mode which has the one homescreen and a simple menu, then there is Advanced Mode which is customizable to provide more options and flexibility.
  4. The QWERTY slide-out keyboard is comfortable and easy to use. No need to struggle to type, the keys are the perfect size
  5. Great battery life. Most phones tend to go a few days before being charged, with the Vybe, I went a week without having the need to plug it in.
  6. Pantech supports AT&T’s It Can Wait campaign to end texting and driving. This for me is HUGE! This campaign is about education and accountability. It is crucial to our teach kids about the consequences about texting and driving. And how it can truly wait.

As much as I love technology, I feel digital kids need to be given an opportunity to test-drive the technology before being given full reigns of the tool. And the Pantech Vybe I feel does just that. The quick access to message sharing and social media buttons provide tweens and teens the chance to easily stay connected. It also provides parents the opportunity to be in the driver’s seat and see how responsibly their kids handle technology.

Like what you’ve read so far about the Pantech Vybe?

Find out more about the device and its features at myfirstphone.com.

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