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Top 4 Reasons to Switch to #SomosFios In 2014

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Verizon FiOS, all opinions are my own. 

For the past year, I have been writing about my experience as a long-time #SomosFiOS customer and how their efficient and very effective service makes life, and that of my family, easier.  From their programming to reliable and fast Internet connection and outstanding customer service, Verizon FiOS has and will continue to be an integral part of my life.

So with that, I put together a list of reasons why I believe (if you haven't done so already), making the switch to Verizon FiOS should be in your 2014 resolutions list for 2014.

  1. Service. I have said this in previous posts, Verizon FiOS, in my opinion, provides the best quality service to their customers.  In my previous life, I worked in the retail industry for over 10 years and firmly believe you should work hard to give your customers only the best.  And I (and my family) only use products which are in line with those beliefs. 
  2. No Stress.  I don't have to worry about interrupted service, EVER! Their reliable service allows me to run my business, take part in memorable family moments with no hiccups or disruptions.
  3. Diversity. I love that Verizon FiOS understands that culture and diversity is a big part of how we live in this day. They understand the important role culture plays for some of us and they also do their part to give back to communities and advocate for social change.
  4. Variety. Verizon FiOS knows there is no room for a one sized fits package mentality for their customer base. So they offer a variety packages for every customer type and great savings plans without affecting their integrity as a company and their loyalty to who they serve.

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