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#Somos FiOS: More Technology Means A Different Approach to Parenting

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Verizon FiOS, all opinions are my own. 

With smartphones, tablets, PC’s and laptops – the average family logs in an insane about of hours online changing every aspect of our lives. As parents, that includes how we do our job. We need to now add, Internet advocate to our list of parenting duties. With so much going on online, we need to be able to stay one step ahead of the emerging technologies and be able to properly educate our children on how to use them.

Having the support of your Internet provider helps cutting out the middle man and helping our children become upstanding digital citizens.  From understanding parental controls, to knowing what goes on in online gaming and protecting your computer, Verizon FiOS provides me with the tools that I need to have my children better understand the world in which they are growing up in.

Having these resources available via the services we use the most is enough for me to know I am doing right by my kids.


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