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4 Tips to Making Abuelitas Digital Experience Safer

4 Tips to Making Abuelitas Digital Experience Safer

Many of our parents and grandparents are taking to the internet to stay in touch with family and friends.  It is easier, quicker and fun to be able to stay in touch with those we love but we must make sure we are helping them stay up to date with  and not fall victims to online predators. 

Below is a list from Microsoft to keep our loved ones safe while navigating the web.

Abuelitas are increasingly connected to their families through technology. Whether it is to share pictures on social networks, find a new recipe, or be a part of unique moments with their families – they want to be present in the lives of their loved ones, especially their grandchildren.
But how can we make their digital experiences safer?
With these tips you can help ensure that your digital abuelita can navigate the Internet easily and safely, making the most of her life without borders. 

  • No More Passwords Written Down in Libreticas

Who hasn’t written their passwords in a notebook to keep them “safe”? The truth is that we all look for passwords that are easy to remember and that is even more important for digital abuelitas. Technology has evolved and offers us personal and easy ways to access or save passwords.
Always remember to (1) never share your passwords with anyone; (2) don’t send your password by mail/e-mail, Messenger or WhatsApp and (3) before writing your password, make sure you are in an adequate and safe place.
Finally, look for security tools, such as Windows Hello, which recognizes faces or fingerprints so that only one person has access to the device. To configure, log on to the computer and follow the steps: (1) Start, (2) Settings, (3) Accounts, (4) Sign-in Options, and (5) Windows Hello option.

  • Navigate Safely

According to the 2017 Digital Civility Index released by Microsoft, the US occupies the second position among the countries with the highest online risk.
It is important to navigate on a safe and easy-to-use browser. Microsoft Edge is recommended because it is designed to have longer battery life, offers simple organization tools, and allows you to complete searches quickly by typing your question directly in the search bar.

  • Keep Her Devices Updated

Updates are modifications made to the operating systems or applications that we have installed on our devices. For greater security, teach your abuelita the importance of keeping the devices updated, protecting her from system failures, and ensuring speed and safety when browsing online.

  • Protect Her from Phishing Scams and Malware

Many times, while surfing the web, it seems that our abuelitas can forget the advice they repeatedly gave us while growing up, such as “Don’t talk to strangers” and “If it's too good to be true, it probably is”.
Online frauds use sophisticated resources, so our abuelitas must be prepared. Pay attention to the links on any website asking for personal information. Look for security tools that offer protection from phishing scams and malware. One option is SmartScreen, which analyzes the webpages navigated and determines if they are suspicious. If they are, your abuelita will receive a warning on the screen to proceed with caution.

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