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Digital Kids: Are We Sabotaging Their Success

Do you shelter your child from technology or do you embrace it and freely allow the use of technology whenever possible?

Do you believe by handing over the electronic device that are we somehow sabotaging our children and not properly preparing them for the real world?

By allowing them to spend excessive amounts of time watching TV, playing video games, be on social networks what message are we sending them?

With just one click, the Internet provides us with infinite possibilities, but at the same time I feel that it prohibits us from truly experiencing life the way it should be in - real time.

Although there is no right approach to this controversial topic, there are elements we can use to help ourselves and our children find a balance between the online world and the real one.

  1. Get your children out into the world. It is essential as parents to teach them to look up at the world and not down on it from the screen of their devices.  Have them create their adventures and not reading about someone else’s on a social network. Take the time out now to provide them with the lessons that can only be had by actually being present to experience them.
  2. Be in the know.  Arm yourself with knowledge and learn what your kids know. It is not enough to be their friend on Facebook, we need to know attempt to be as tech savvy as they are.
  3. Keep them safe.  I cannot stress the importance of teaching our children online safety and etiquette.  It is important for our children to know that we should be their first point of reference in all situations.
  4. Be a role model. Children model what they see and if you are constantly on your smartphone or tablet don’t be surprised if your children follow suit.  Set rules and limits and have everyone (including you) to adhere to them.

Technology is and will continue to be an integral part of our lives, but I strongly feel it should never be a substitute for what we as parents or the real world can teach them.

How do you approach technology with your children?

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