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Helping Hands #HHMilkBank Twitter Party 04/24! $350 in Prizes!

I am ecstatic to announce an upcoming Twitter party that I will be co-hosting with Ascending Butterfly and Helping Hands Milk Bank next Tuesday, April 24th from 9-11pm EST.

Sponsored by Helping Hands Milk Bank ,this bi-lingual Twitter party will be about informing and sharing the different ways collecting excess breast milk to help save the lives of babies who are in the NCIU (neonatal intensive care unit).  And for every ounce of qualified milk collected, $1 will go to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure in support of breast cancer research.

Twitter Party Info:

Who: Helping Hands - follow the sponsor on twitter @hhmilkbank and of course @Tracy_Iglesias

and co-host me @JessieNuez .  Be sure to add @Ascending1 (twitter jail handle - just in case)

What: Twitter Party! - Be sure to follow the #HHMilkBank Hashtag

When: April 24, 2012 at 9-11pm EST

Prizes: $50 Amazon Gift Card, 8 $25 Amazon Gift Card, $100 Amazon Gift Card along with a Helping Hands Prize Pack

To RSVP, use the rafflecopter widget here

See ya at the party!!

Disclosure:  My participation as a co-host is compensated.  As always my opinions and comments are my own.


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Llega la temporada de limpiar sus computadoras

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