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It’s Time For A Road Trip!

It’s Time For A Road Trip!

Recently, my husband and I decided to take our son on his first road trip to Washington, D.C from NYC (and learning along the way), how to keep a 5 months old entertained and comfortable during a 4 plus hour car ride.

Here are a few things that should be taken into consideration as a first-time parent traveling with a child:

  • First things, first, pack patience. A road trip long or short can get the best of anyone
  • Be prepared, fill up the gas tank, and make sure everything you need is in the car ahead of time. If possible, pack the car the night before and just have your outfits laid out
  • Pack extra bottles, diapers, formula, bowls, spoons, baby food and lots of toys
  • Pack extra change of clothing. Parents know how kids love to wear their food and other things on their nice, crisp, clean clothes
  • Music and movies are also good to have on hand. The more things that are used as a distraction device the better
  • Try to leave right as your little one is about to nap. This way, if they sleep for an hour or two they are more than likely not get too worked up as the trip continues
  • Be prepared to make pit stops (of course for bathroom breaks). This in case your little one isn’t a napper, has a temper tantrum, needs to fed or changed or just wants out of the car seat
  • Pack snacks for yourself, this way if you don’t have to stop you can be on your way
  • If your baby is young enough (and within the weight range), bring along the Baby Bjorn. This way they will be out of the car seat/stroller and be able to sight see with the rest of us
  • Depending on your level of paranoia you might decide to bring extra items (just in case or just because). Despite staying in a rather nice hotel in Arlington, we decided to bring along my son’s Pack N' Play (hotels provide cribs but I just couldn’t bring myself to have him sleep in one) and tub (bad enough my feet touch the tub) along with us.

Taking this trip was a well-needed vacation for all of us.  We learned to take in the moment, relax and enjoy the trip.


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